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Branding the identity of Lake Highlands
The identity of a community
It takes a village.

When the call went out for volunteers to explore the idea of a Lake Highlands branding initiative, the reception was well received by virtually all the local civic organizations.

The initial call came from Becky Range, Executive Director of the Lake Highlands Public Improvement District.

In an effort to develop a comprehensive, strategic brand for the LH community a meeting of the minds was the first step.

With the help of the Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association, representatives from each of the following organizations participated in an exploratory meeting:

• Lake Highlands Women's League
• Lake Highlands Junior Women's League
• Exchange Club of Lake Highlands
• Tax Increment Financing District (TIF)
• Public Improvement District (PID)

The result of this exploratory meeting was the formation of a Branding Campaign committee, led by the LHAIA and chaired by the group's Vice President of Communications, Robin Norcross.

"The LH branding initiative brings together, perhaps for the first time, the major civic groups in our neighborhood," says Norcross.

"Our committee looks forward to hearing from the respondents of the Branding Campaign RFP (Request for Proposals) and moving towards a unified brand and message to positively and effectively promote Lake Highlands."

For Becky Range and the PID, the partnership between these community organizations, to better market the benefits of Lake Highlands, is a win-win for everyone involved.

According to Range, it aligns well with the objectives of the PID and will prove beneficial when approaching and marketing to potential redevelopers, businesses and residents.

"The Public Improvement District has just completed a comprehensive Master Landscape Plan for the Skillman corridor," says Range.

"As we redesign our parkway, major intersections and medians, we want to ensure our projects complement an overall Lake Highlands brand identity."

"This community branding campaign means so much more than just chic lighting, gateway signage or even a logo."

"If we can execute this campaign successfully, it identifies our community and will effectively send out a message that everyone here already knows – Lake Highlands is a great place to be."

Following consensus on the established objectives of the branding campaign, a Request For Proposal (RFP) was approved and made available for distribution on April 1st.

Proposals are being accepted through the end of the month.

Watch the homepage for updates as the committee moves forward in the process.

The main objective of the RFP is to solicit competitive proposals, in order to establish a contract for a comprehensive branding and strategic messaging campaign for the Lake Highlands community.

To view the Request for Proposals, click here.

Additional information about the LH Public Improvement District can be found here, or in our 2010 interview with Becky Range.

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