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Essensce of Lake Highlands: Video Series

What is Lake Highlands to you?

We're still out to answer this question, with the help of independent producer, videographer and LH resident, David Fisher.

His video series, which now consists of three unique productions, aims to capture a bit of the essence of our community.

David began by highlighting community staple and gathering spot, Highlands Cafe, early last month. You can see that video here.

What followed was the perspective of Lake Highlands through the eyes of a child. This video proved to be a fan favorite - take a look here.

In Fisher's third production, we get a bird's eye view of what has become a yearly tradition in Lake Highlands - the annual Memorial Day parade hosted by Launa's Little Library.

This neighborhood library has been a gem in Lake Highlands for nearly a decade now.

For the last five of those years, Arthiss Kliever, aka "Mrs. K," has sprinkled a little essence in Lake Highlands by hosting the "Things on Wheels - Memorial Day Parade," which takes place during the holiday weekend in the LH neighborhood of White Rock Valley.

It's one of two local parades that welcome the participation of all our friends and neighbors in LH, the second being the Independence Day Parade hosted by the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands in honor of July 4th each year.

Small or large, the parades are unique in their own way but each serves the same purpose - an opportunity for neighbors to gather and celebrate freedom, remembering our liberties and those who fight for them, and to celebrate Lake Highlands itself.

The Essence of Lake Highlands is captured perfectly in this next installment of the series.

Our thanks, once again, to David Fisher.


Video tip: If you are on a slower connection, hit play, then pause (same button) and let the video load completely before playing.

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