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Lake Highlands mourns the loss of Forest Meadow student

Deaudray Edwards, Forest Meadow Junior High student, tragically died last week.

Edwards was #20 on the FMJH Chargers football team.

Hearts are heavy today, as much of the community is learning of the death of Deaudray Edwards, Lake Highlands resident and Forest Meadow Junior High student.

Deaudray and his family had recently moved to the area from Oak Cliff.

He was shot and killed last week during a trip back to his old neighborhood, after finishing a successful football season as #20 for the Forest Meadow Chargers.

"Deaudray’s death was senseless and tragic," says Tim Clark, Director of Communications at RISD.

"He was new to Forest Meadow and was becoming part of the school community and doing well."

"Additional counselors were available at school last week for his classmates and staff members. His football teammates took the news the hardest."

His family is now in need of several things, and volunteers have shared details on how community residents can help.

Arms of Hope, a family outreach center located at Highland Oaks Church of Christ, has been in touch with the family regarding their specific needs.

They need help purchasing appropriate clothes to wear to the funeral for Deaudray's mother and her 18 year-old son and 17 year-old daughter.

The family also welcomed a new baby on the day Deaudray was killed. The baby needs anything that can be donated, including baby clothing, diapers, formula and food.

Deaudray's mother has not been able to work at either of her two jobs since the tragedy and needs food, household and grocery items, including soap, bread, and milk.

The wake for Deaudray is scheduled for Wednesday and will be followed by a funeral on Friday, November 23rd.

If you would like to assist with gift cards or donating needed items, you may drop them off at one of two locations:

• Forest Meadow Junior High before 3:00 pm Tuesday, November 20th.

• Arms of Hope Family Outreach Center on the 3rd floor of Highland Oaks Church of Christ by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, and until noon on Wednesday.

Highland Oaks Church of Christ is located at 10805 Walnut Hill Lane, just east of Plano Road, in Lake Highlands.

Forest Meadow Junior High is located at 9373 Whitehurst Drive at Abrams Road.

Photos courtesy of Coach Grey, FMJH

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