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Progress update: Northwest Highway
Construction continues on the NW Highway bridges
The work continues, and as the scale of construction grows, multiple cranes now dot the horizon on Northwest Highway from Goforth to Lawther.

Years in the making, the Northwest Highway project currently has drivers bumping along through detours and around workers.

It has been nine months since our last update, which you can read here.

So LH Today reached out to Cynthia Northrop, in the TXDOT Public Information Office, to get an update on how the project is moving forward.

We had several questions about its status and scope, including delay issues and the conditions of the roads.

As many drivers know, it can be a rough ride through current lane diversions, especially in the westbound lanes of Northwest Highway.

TXDOT does have plans to address the current detour issues explains Northrop.

"Pending district approval, we will be replacing that shoulder," she says. The administrative process is just one of the steps necessary to keep traffic moving smoothly.

Drivers can expect more traffic shifts in October of this year, when construction begins on the eastbound bridge.

"More traffic movement patterns are planned," reports Northrup. "Those shifts will happen at the Northwest Highway/Goforth intersection as the project moves forward."

Additional lane diversions are also on tap in 2011, as plans call for parking lot changes at the Parks Department Division Headquarters building located just west of this intersection.

As for delays that affected the project, the weather wasn't as big a factor as utility issues.

"When dealing with utilities, you have to build time into your plan," says Northrup. "We did have specific issues, but they've been resolved."

In her experience delays related to the weather are more difficult to pinpoint, and while time may be lost due to inclement weather, it's possible to re-gain that time later in the construction timeline.

And in terms of driving conditions, we can expect more of the same over the next year - with upgrades to those detours hopefully in the works - as TXDOT continues to adjust the traffic patterns around the project.

But take heart LH, the end product will be safer for all our commuters, both cars and bike alike, and getting out of that flood plane doesn't come fast or easy.

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