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Residents concerned over second nighttime robbery

DPD investigators are urging caution but are hesitant to say the two robberies are related.

A second overnight robbery of a Lake Highlands home in the past month has residents on edge once again.

Dallas Police say intruders broke into a White Rock Valley neighborhood home in the early morning hours of Tuesday, June 5th.

Similar to a Merriman Park Estates robbery last month, the robbery occurred while the family slept.

Also resembling the Merriman Park incident was how the White Rock Valley home was entered.

Evidence points to intruders entering through an unlocked window of the White Rock Valley home. The home's alarm system had not been set.

A family member awoke to noise in the kitchen around 3:30 a.m., but without noticing anything unusual, attributed the noise to a family pet and returned to bed.

Upon closer inspection the following morning, the family discovered electronics and cash missing from the home. Police believe the robbers entered and exited through a window in the kitchen.

News of the robbery traveled quickly through the neighborhood, as residents recalled last month's incident and noted similarities.

DPD investigators are urging caution but are hesitant to say the two robberies are related.

A police spokesman told LH Today there is no evidence of a pattern and that residential burglaries in the area have declined recently.

Bruce Bowles, crime watch chairperson for the White Rock Valley Neighborhood Association, uses an email system to alert the neighborhood’s active membership base when incidents occur.

Bowles also confirmed weekly VIP (Volunteers in Patrol) shifts and says off-duty patrols of the neighborhood are routinely performed by Dallas Police.

Family members in this case feel the burglary may have been an opportunistic crime and urge homeowners to perform regular checks of windows and security systems.

Police also stress precaution as the best prevention of such crimes.

Police reiterated the rarity of nighttime residential burglary but urge residents to activate in-home alarm systems, maintain logs of anyone working in or near the house and routinely confirm all windows and doors are in good working order and remain locked.

Anyone with details about either robbery, or information concerning suspicious activity in the neighborhood, should contact the Dallas Police Department.

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