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Smooching pigs at LHE

Floyd the Pig makes a special visit to Lake Highlands Elementary

The librarian at Lake Highlands Elementary, Wanda Meador, just kissed a pig!

Yes, you read that right – she kissed a pig.

Mrs. Meador made a deal with her LHE students to put her money where her mouth is, so to speak.

If 900 books were sold at the school's fall book fair, then she promised to kiss a pig.

Students met her challenge by purchasing over 1,200 books! She held true to her word and Friday, May 11th, cute little Floyd the Pig arrived at school to help her out.

Meador also challenged students during the spring book fair to buy at least 700 books. 944 was the grand total!

This Friday, May 18th at LHE's Field Day she will be doused in water by some lucky students.

She has also been known to dye her hair pink, hold a snake, and take a pie in the face.

"It's so much fun challenging the students regarding books," says Meador of her unique tactics.

"Whether it's to buy them or check them out, I love getting books into the hands of our students."

"The looks on their faces when I do something crazy is great. They talk about it until the next year!"

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