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LH Today visits with the Lamberth Trifecta
Becky, Tommy & Maggie Lamberth
It all started back in the day at Moss Haven Elementary.

Three LH siblings made their way through MHE, Forest Meadow Junior High and on to Lake Highlands High School.

College days found them spread out – from Baylor to TCU to the University of Texas at Austin.

But today they're all back in Lake Highlands schools, specifically Wallace, Skyview and the Lake Highlands Freshman Center.

Becky Lamberth, the oldest of the three siblings, and now a six-year veteran, got her start at Yale Elementary but recently made the move to Skyview.

Middle sibling, Tommy, is newly married and currently teaches Algebra and Geometry at the LH Freshman Center.

Completing the trifecta is the youngest sibling, Maggie, a 2006 LHHS alum and 1st grade teacher at Wallace.

"Growing up, I got an overhead projector when I was eight," she says. "It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas!"

Becky says she, too, always knew she wanted to teach, and for their brother Tommy it came down math, because he's always had an affinity for numbers.

"It was either teaching or accounting," he jokes. "And I wanted to actually talk to people."

"Seriously, though, I wanted to teach at the high school level, because it's a transition time from being a kid to being an adult. It's a different mix, and the Freshman Center is a great place to teach because of the kids."

"It's a unique experience that I really enjoy."

So was heading home to teach in Lake Highlands always in the cards?

"When I graduated, as the first and oldest, I really wanted to work in RISD," says Becky. "It was always my first choice."

"It was familiar, I knew a lot of people and teachers, and even a couple principals. It's a really good district, and I was proud to come back."

"Six years ago, when I first applied and interviewed, the district was really excited to bring back their graduates, and I think they still lean that way."

It's Maggie's first year in the classroom, and she's happy to be back in her childhood neighborhood.

"I'm so glad I got to come back, to not only RISD, but Lake Highlands," she says.

"It's great to be here at Wallace. I actually have a lot friends who went to Wallace, and it's neat knowing my students will eventually go to the same the high school I attended."

It's a trend the Lamberth siblings are familiar with.

"We know a lot of people who grew up in Lake Highlands who are making the decision to come back and start families here," says Becky.

"There are just so many neat houses in this neighborhood, and the schools are great."

"The community is so close knit," says Maggie. "Even at college, I always kept in touch with my friends I grew up with."

And what about long range plans?

These siblings all see themselves sticking around, that's a definite.

"We all had such positive experiences here, and it's good to be back," says Tommy.

"Our parents are still here in Lake Highlands, too. And for me, I really do have my dream job," says Maggie. "I just can't imagine wanting to to anything else."

"We want to our kids go to our brother's class eventually," adds Becky.

"That'll be so much fun!"

At 28, 25 and 23, this Lake Highlands trifecta is definitely a winning bet.

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